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Auckland Foodservice

Ph: +64 (09) 258 5010
Fax: +64 (09) 276 3129
17 Saleyards Road, Otahuhu, Auckland.
PO Box: 132330, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Auckland Fresh

Ph: +64 (09) 258 5010
Fax: +64 (09) 276 3129
132 Portage Road, Otahuhu, Auckland.
PO Box: 132330, Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Christchurch Foodservice/Fresh

Ph: +64 (03) 389 9909
Fax: +64 (03) 389 9699
220 Cumnor Terrace, Woolston, Christchurch.
PO Box: 7005, Sydenham, Christchurch.

Hamilton Foodservice/Fresh

Ph: +64 (09) 258 5010
Fax: +64 (09) 276 3129
49 Mahana Rd, Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Napier Foodservice

Ph: +64 (06) 843 7779
Fax: +64 (06) 843 1449
12 Turner Place, Napier.

Gisborne Foodservice

Ph: +64 (06) 867 3599
Fax: +64 (06) 868 8255
21 Parkinson St, Awapuni.

Rotorua Foodservice

Ph: +64 (07) 346-0902
69 Marguerita Street, Rotorua.

Wellington Produce

Ph: +64 (04) 974 5626
Fax: +64 (04) 909 7201
52 Jamaica Dr, Grenada North, Wellington 5028


Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Coromandel, Canterbury, Wellington

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      Like any business we understand that success is born out of a drive to succeed and so, we are fanatical about supporting the root of our success……our customers businesses.

      Expect us to keep you up to speed on new and innovative products that we believe have a role to play in supporting your business success.

      Expect the flame of service to burn strongly as we bend over backwards to support you and the demands you face in your market.

      And expect us to keep pushing our own people to become greater so that they in turn have more to offer than simply the right product, right place, right on time.

      Developments are planned that will see customers having access to industry news, timely promotional offers and specials coupons etc.

      As a member of CDNZ food service group our customers enjoy aggressive price advantages due to the buying power of the Group.

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