Why Us

Family owned and operated, food safety approved, efficient timely deliveries.

Our Team

350 plus people work at Service Foods. Our internal team is as important as our customers and as a company we work together to ensure we provide the best work environment for them to thrive.

Dedicated, armed with the necessary skills and determined to drive great service are some of the qualities you will find in our team.

Our team together run a 24/7 operation, in multi temperature environments and perform their duties with the upmost respect and dedication to their work.

Being high growth and family owned we pride ourselves on our ability to retain team members. Our team know our customers the best, and stability in the workforce is of upmost importance to ensure a seamless end user service.

Service Foods provide ongoing training and management guidance to members of the team with potential to scale their skills.


Our suppliers are critical stakeholders, their innovative manufacturing and product development skills assist us in offering a product range which both set new standards and offer better yields for our customers. Our sales teams and our customers have access to discuss their product requirements, test new products and launch new products into the market.


Service Foods invest heavily in technology in order to improve productivity, create user friendly solutions for our customers, reduce waste and provide management tools for our team.

We use IT systems to assist storage, distribution and route planning which all work to create an efficient less wasteful workplace.

With a fully integrated customer e-commerce website and a custom built ERP system, Service Foods pride itself on investing in tools which assist our team and customers in creating efficiencies. Our it/programming team continue to develop solutions in order to keep service foods and our clients moving forward in a rapidly changing economy. During 2016/2017 service foods are aiming to release productivity and yield tools to assist our clients in making wise product choices.

Food and Health Safety

Service Foods operate multi-temperature and multi-processing destruction centres as well as a large-scale multi-temperature fleet of vehicles. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our operations and vehicles.

Each DC or processing operation operate a separate HAACP food safety accredited system as well as a nationally managed health and safety system.

Food and health safety is a number one priority; our suppliers must adhere and buy into the service Foods system to ensure that it remains at the highest priority.

Our divisions are internally audited on a regular basis, to ensure ongoing compliance.

Health and Safety procedures have recently been strengthened and the entire Service Foods team re-trained on a strict process of operation to move forward in eliminating injuries from the workplace.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact our food and health safety team on the below button.


Service Foods employ 350 + team members in positions ranging from warehousing, procurement, drivers, finance, IT, marketing and many more fields.